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Stetson Historical Society

Stetson Historical Society Facts

The Stetson Historical Society's purpose is to preserve, protect, and maintain the
historical materials, and records for the benefit of Stetson residents; and future generations.

The Stetson Historical Society has an extensive photograph collection, along with artifacts from the area.

Ongoing exhibits include a display of early radios, a comprehensive collection of axes and related tools and the story of Mt. Katahdin and Granger: The World's Largest Oxen.

The Society's collections are housed in a building at 257 Stetson Road.

The Historical Society meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30 P.M. at the Historical Society Museum.

The museum is located on Stetson Road next to the post office. It is open during the summer on Saturdays from 10am - 2pm, and by appointment.

Stetson Historical Society Museum
Stetson Historical Society Museum